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Retool | Amazon


  1. Stripe + Retool: Crafting your custom card management dashboard [Part 1]
  2. Stripe + Retool: Extending the card management dashboard [Part 2]
  3. Building data insights brick-by-brick with Retool Workflows
  4. Building a Custom Amazon EC2 Instance Admin Panel for DevOps with Retool
  5. Visualize CSV Data and Build a Dashboard to Track Your Amazon Spending
  6. 12 Days of Retool: Eleven Best FIFA World Cup Games
  7. 12 Days of Retool: Ten Retool Videos
  8. 12 Days of Retool: Six Commands in a Palette
  9. 12 Days of Retool: Four CRUD Operations


  1. How I Used Alexa and Twilio to Deliver a Special Greeting for My Dad
  2. Build a Team Lookup Skill for Alexa with Our New Template
  3. How to Use Session Attributes in Your Alexa Skill to Enhance the Voice Experience
  4. What’s New with Request and Response Interceptors in the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js
  5. Enhance Speech Recognition of Your Alexa Skills with Phrase Slots and AMAZON.SearchQuery

Code Deep Dives - Alexa Skills Kit

  1. Alexa Skill Recipe: Using Session Attributes to Enable Repeat Responses
  2. Alexa Skill Recipe: Making the Most of Devices That Support Display
  3. Alexa Skill Recipe: Randomize Your Responses to Add Variety to Your Skill

Codecademy Courses

  1. New Codecademy Training: How to Build Advanced Alexa Skills with Dialog Management
  2. New Training Course: Learn How to Create Conversational Skills on Codecademy

AWS re:Invent

  1. Recordings and Resources: The Best of Alexa at AWS re:Invent 2018
  2. The Insider’s Guide to Alexa at AWS re:Invent

Alexa in India

  1. Now Available: Easily Test Your English (India) Skills Using
  2. Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service Expand to India

Alexa Voice Service

  1. The CoWatch Smartwatch: First to Bring the Power of Alexa to Your Wrist
  2. Nucleus Launches First Smart Home Intercom That’s Always Getting Smarter with Alexa