Amit Jotwani

Amit Jotwani

How to add a Twitter CTA at the end of each article on Ghost CMS?


I recently saw a tweet that it's a good idea to have a CTA at the end of each article. In fact, Daniel Vassallo argued that the CTA should be pointing to Twitter instead of an email list.  

So, how do I do that in Ghost?

Being new to Ghost, I wasn't sure how to do that without manually adding them to each post.

Turns out, it's quite simple. You just need to edit the "post" template for your theme.

The easiest way to do this is to download the template from the site settings. Make the changes locally to the file "post.hbs", and then upload the template back up. Here's how to do this -

  1. Navigate to Settings > Design > Click on "Change Theme" in the bottom left corner.

2. Download the template: Click on Advanced button on the right corner to see the versions avaialble for this template. Click on "..." and then "Download"

3. Make the changes locally to the file "post.hbs".


4. Zip up the directory

5. Upload the zip file using the "Upload theme" button.

You can see this in action right here 👇🏽