Amit Jotwani

Amit Jotwani

How I consume Podcasts and long form videos using Otter



  1. Download the MP3 for the Podcast (most provide them on their websites)
  2. Save this file in Dropbox (I have it connected to my Otter account), or manually drop it into Otter using their web interface.
  3. Otter picks this file up automatically, and begins transcribing it.
  4. Grab coffee.
  5. Now, listen to the podcast using the Otter app on mobile or the web, as you pause and highlight/take notes for things that resonate with you in the Otter app.

Long form videos (YouTube and elsewhere)

  1. Download the video using Downie (available through SetApp)
  2. Open the video in QuickTime Player, and export the file as audio

The rest of the workflow is the same as Podcasts.