Amit Jotwani

Amit Jotwani

Working out in the afternoon


I’ve been using this app called Rise Sleep for over a year now. Unlike many other sleep trackers, including the Oura ring, which focus on REM sleep and overall sleep quality, Rise Sleep has a different angle.

Its main premise is that monitoring sleep debt is far more crucial than tracking REM sleep or sleep quality.

The app keeps tabs on your sleep debt over a 14-day rolling period and also provides a daily energy cycle chart, relying on just the phone pickups, and optionally the Apple watch.

The chart pinpoints your circadian rhythm, highlighting the grogginess you might feel in the morning, an energy peak later on, a slight dip, and then another peak as the day progresses.

I’ve found that during the afternoon, pushing through tasks is counterproductive—I just end up feeling drained. While a quick nap sometimes helps, there are times when it just leaves me feeling more sluggish.

Interestingly, my solution has been to hit the Gym during this low-energy period. The benefits are two-fold: the gym is less crowded, and my energy level seems quite well-suited for a workout.

What’s fascinating is that, even when I’m in a period typically considered low-energy, I manage to have a pretty productive workout and return feeling energized for the rest of evening.