Thank You Amit, Circa 2009

It's been almost 4 years now, since I quit my job at ESG. I remember I had written the email draft I was to send my manager a good 3 weeks before I gave in my notice - Jan 4 2010.

If I think about it, what I am and able to do today, I owe it wholly to that decision I made back in 2009. It was a scary decision. I had set myself on a journey to build something. We (Kunal and I) built Rootein. It didn't work out the way we would have wanted it to, but it was an amazing experience. All we really wanted to do was build and launch something. Perhaps that's where we went wrong. We had no idea what we wanted the future to be with Rootein. We were just too excited to launch it and let people play around with it.

If I hadn't left ESG back then, I would've never visited New York as often as I did. I wouldnt have fallen in love with the city. I would've never made the decision to move here. I would've never been to Startup Weekend in DC in 2010. I would've never met John Britton. I wouldn't have been at Mashery. I would've never had the privelege to rub shoulders with my mentors Delyn, Neil back in 2011. I would've never had the professional grooming had I not been a Developer Evangelist. I wouldn't have met so many amazing people I;ve had the privilege to meet. I wouldn've have been the same person.

I really owe it to that guy back in 2009. Thank you Amit, Circa 2009.