It’s that time again – Macworld 2008

That’s’s that time again – when Steve will dash in with his magic wand and make the Apple lovers go crazy over the latest and the greatest toys.

Found this really cool list of predictions at Macrumors. Spot on – best list ever :-)

Waiting for Jan 15 I am….

  1. Many of the live blogs will crash
  2. Steve Jobs will wear a black shirt and blue jeans
  3. Apple stock will drop after the event
  4. Something an i in front of its name will get updated
  5. Steve will brag about how great the year has been
  6. A black to gray gradient will be used in the presentation
  7. Steve Jobs will use a remote device to control the presentation
  8. The iPhone will be discussed
  9. Men will cheer, women will faint and children will fly multicolored flags
  10. I’ll be spending 2,000+
  11. There will be 100+ threads about how Apple is crap, what they released is crap, and how it will never work.
  12. There will be some unboxing threads in two weeks
  13. We will discuss when we want to wait in line for “Project X