Hanging up the Devangelist boots

It started off with this tweet back in 2011, when I was introduced to Delyn Simons by my friend — John Britton.

Delyn, along with my now friend Neil Mansilla, were sowing seeds for Mashery’s Developer Outreach team. They were looking for a Developer Evangelist in New York, who would double up as a front-end developer.

Solving the Developer pain

I loved the opportunity to serve the developer community, by offering them such a wide variety of APIs to play with, and keep my roots as a developer alive. During the interview process, I remember saying to Neil —

“I would give my right arm to get this role.”

I’ve been spoilt

I’ve been lucky enough to have been part of an agile high functioning team. It has been the epitome of what a small but determined team can accomplish with sheer perseverance, and focus. For that, I thank Delyn Simons for being an inspiring leader & an amazing mentor.

Thank you again for all the wonderful moments & memories, MashTeam

Being a Developer Evangelist, and then eventually leading product at Hacker League have been the most fun, rewarding, and learning periods of my career. I owe a great deal of that to all the amazing folks I’ve met and become friends with — both inside and outside the company.

What’s Next

Over 150 Hackathons & Developer Conferences later it’s time for me to move on and look for new challenges. Am not certain what they are just yet, but am excited to embark on this journey of discovering the next cliff.

It’s time to jump in the unknown waters again. It’s going to be fun.