Hi, I'm Amitabh Jotwani. aka Amit. I design & build awesome things for the web.

Developer Advocate at Mashery. I am a User Interface Designer & Front end Developer, driven by a constant urge to design and build awesome things for the web.

Im my previous life, I ran Random Loops, a small design studio based in Fairfax, Virginia, specializing in User Interface Design of Websites, iPhone and iPad applications. You may know me as the founder of Rootein.com or as the dude you may have seen at a hackathon near you.

I Google for things using Bing.com DuckDuckGo. I often dream about CSS floats & write beautiful HTML to release stress. By day you can find me at my desk cooking up beautiful html. By night, I love catching up on the re-runs of Seinfeld.

I am passionate about beautiful design, elegant code, and everything Apple. An ice cream craver, a Cricket fanatic, a music fan, a wanderer, a chai latte addict. Also, I am tall and slim.

I have a blog and I tweet as @amit.